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Monthly Archives: February 2018

1st Time Pass!!!!

Well done Karl, passed your test first time and with just 3 minor erros, fantastic achievement

I wish to write this testimonial to fully convey my gratitude to Pete
for helping me pass my driving test. Pete is a great teacher first and
foremost. He is someone who is very patient and adapts his coaching
methods to each scenario. This is because his teaching is multifaceted
which means that if you are struggling, he can always find a way of
explaining it so that whatever it is soon becomes simple. Due to this
approach, progress can be rapid and before you know it you will be
driving with real confidence. Pete is also incredibly attentive and he
will always pick up on small habits that perhaps might creep into your
driving as you begin to progress, meaning that by the time you are
ready for your test, they have already been ironed out. This is
because Pete does not just focus on the driving test but focuses on
driving in general. He does not just prepare you to drive flawlessly
for the duration of a 40 minute exam but for the rest of your driving
life. Whilst all of the above are fundamentally why Pete is a
brilliant driving instructor, it should also be noted he is also a
real pleasure to have in the car. This is because Pete has a great
sense of humour and we have had many, many great conversations over
the past weeks. Thanks again mate; I look forward to keeping in touch
and also to obtaining my Pass Plus with you in the near future! David
- Brinkworth