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I had previously had two instructors before I found Pete, and the difference was amazing, the previous instructors quite frankly had not taught me a lot and didn’t make me feel very confident. Pete was patient and made me feel very confident on the road, he always turned up on time and it didn’t matter if it was an hour or an hour and a half lesson, you would learn somehting new every time. I passed my test with only two minors and I couldn’t have done it without Pete!, I would definitely recommend him. Dylan, Nythe


Well done Dylan and Chloe, you passed your tests at the second attempt, and just a couple of minor errors each, fantastic!!

Pete is an incredibly patient and thorough instructor, who focus’
not only on helping you pass your test but also on becoming a great
driver. He filled me with confidence, and kept me calm throughout my
time with him. Would highly recommend him as an instructor, he’s a
fantastic teacher, easy to get on with, flexible around my work
schedules which changed constantly. 100% recommend him to anyone!, Jordan, Wotton Bassett