Independent Driving Instructor – Swindon
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Monthly Archives: November 2019

If anyone is looking for an instructor Peter is the guy you need.
He has been amazing with me over the past year and I can not thank him
enough for all the support he has given me. He supported me with my
anxiety and put all of his time into making sure I overcome the
anxiety I had developed from being a learner as well as from past
instructors which I had. I never thought I would pass my driving test
but I have recently passed and that’s all because of Peter and the
hard work he has put in to get me where I am today.

He will be missed dearly by me and I wish him all the best in the
future, Hannah, North Swindon

Success !!!!!!

Congratulations Hannah kept the nerves under control and passed your test at the second attempt with only 4 minors, a brilliant result!!!

1st Time Pass!!

Congratulations Maddie, passed your test first time in your own car with just 2 minor errors, fantastic achievement