Independent Driving Instructor – Swindon

LATEST: DVSA updates advice regarding driving lessons,

Driving instructors should limit instruction to key workers preparing for an essential driving test. We are keeping this under review and will provide further information as soon as we can.

We are working closely with driving instructor associations on how and when we can resume driving tests and lessons. We’re keeping the situation under constant review, in line with government guidance, and will provide further information as soon as we can.

DVSA updates Standard Operating Procedures for Examiners  – and advice on face coverings

DVSA has today issued updated Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to all Examiners currently conducting Critical Worker tests. The latest SOP has specific guidance on the wearing of face coverings, which are still optional for Examiners and candidates.

Neither candidate nor Examiner is required by law to wear a face covering but they are allowed on tests – as long they do not impede the safe operation of the vehicle.

Where a candidate turns up for test wearing a face covering/mask, where necessary examiners should ask the candidate to temporarily remove their face covering/mask so their identity can be confirmed.

Where candidates present for test wearing glasses and a face covering/mask, examiners are to make them aware of the increased possibility of glasses/eye protection fogging up.

Where issues arise with this on test, examiners should offer advice and guidance to help resolve the problem. If the issues continue to interfere with the safety of the test the examiner should terminate/stop the test on safety grounds.