Independent Driving Instructor – Swindon

It proved extraordinarily advantageous to have driving tuition from
Peter, both in terms of capitalising on his wealth of experience and
benefitting from his encouraging reassurance when undertaking lessons.
The distinguishing factor isolating Peter as the exceptional
instructor he has proved to be is most notably his concern for
students’ particular requirements to drive confidently, thus being
eligible to pass the test. For example, he took into account my
previous experience when driving with my parents and was insistent on
stipulating the best use of lesson time and indeed the frequency of
those lessons, as to not coerce me to have more driving lessons than
required. Hence, I would strongly advocate for anybody to recruit
Peter as their driving instructor, not only to assist them in passing
their driving test but also to become an assured and unfaltering
driver following that, which is undoubtedly the most crucial
Jack, Wroughton.