Independent Driving Instructor – Swindon


Passed 1st Time – Fantastic!!!

Congratulations Sophie, you overcame your nerves and achieved a fantastic result, passing your test at the first attempt with only 4 minors, told you, you could do it!!

Pete was an amazing instructor it took me while to finally knuckle
down and start to do my driving test due to different circumstances
but pete always found space to fit me in and never gave up on me. I
was a nervous student but with pete he kept me calm and got me through
it i cant thank him enough and would recommend him to anyone. Ari, Old Town

Pete kindly agreed to teach me to drive in my own car after realising
I was too tall for his! He always arrived on time and was always so
patient and made me feel confident when in the car with him. I always
learnt something new every lesson and I wouldn’t of been able to pass
my test with only 1 minor without him. Pete was an amazing instructor
who always made me laugh, would recommend him to anyone looking to
drive. Thank you Pete!
Lewis Maclean, Broad Hinton